Friday, 2 January 2015

Experiences of Devotees

Sri Akhilchandra Roy who was one of the close devotees of our holy Gurudev had shared some of his divine & beautiful memories about Sri Sri Thakur. One incident which he mentioned was related with the pain of gout in the holy legs & feet of Guruji which was very well known among all the devotees of undivided Bengal. It once happened when he had happened to visit our Gurudev in an evening after coming to know about ill health of Sri Sri Thakur. He had mentioned that he was very young at that time and had a very healthy and physically strong body. Gurudev was crying with acute pain and it was during such time that Akhil babu said with a sense of little proudness that we cannot tolerate anymore your suffering due to your pain, why don’t you distribute this pain amongst your some healthy and strong devotees??? At this even in thepain Sri Sri Thakur smiled and said that you cannot tolerate this pain even a second or a millisecond!! Akhil babu also insisted and said first you give and then let us see whether we can tolerate it or not!! Sri Sri Thakur didn’t said anything and Akhil babu also became very happy inside! After a while since it was late night Gurudev asked Akhil babu to return to his home and he also accordingly returned and retired to his bed immediately. After sometime suddenly due to some severe acute pain in his left hand he woke up from his deep sleep. The pain with each n every second started increasing more and more and he started crying out of pain! Hearing his cries his old mother and other family members rushed to him and started enquiring about his pain but he couldn’t tell them properly as to where exactly it is paining, it seems the pain is travelling in the bones of his hand and it has no particular place. When in the end he was about to collapse and going to faint due to it he cried out and prayed to Gurudev to take back the pain as he cannot tolerate it any further and surprisingly within 1 - 2 minutes his prayers were answered and the pain subsided immediately miraculously!! The whole night went with thinking about the mercy of Gurudev and Akhil babu ran in the early morning to see Guruji! He fall at the feet of Gurudev and begged for forgiveness, Gurudev also blessed him and asked didn’t I say that you cannot tolerate this pain even for a second or millisecond?? One has to suffer his cannot the decide the exact place of pain and if you try to stop it forcefully it became more angry and return with more gravity!! Akhil babu had also mentioned about the pain in legs of our Gurudev that it was actually an opportunity being given to the devotees to serve him and to get rid of their endless births karmas and prarbhdas! He also wrote that no doctor or medicine could actually cure Sri Sri Thakur and it was only through sincere surrender onto the holy feet and request to him to tell the medicine for his sickness! More posts to follow about this great devotee of our Gurudev! Joy Sri Ram!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Glorious Sri Sri Satyanaryan Panchali

Sri Sri Satyanarayan Panchali which was written by our Sri Gurudev bears lot of significance for all his disciples and devotees all over the world! If anyone read the Panchali and try to understand the indepth meaning of the stanzas written they will see that each one of the stanza is very meaningful! Like for example in the panchali there is one stanza which goes like this : Putrarthi re Putro Dey, Dhonarthi re Dhon, Doyarthi Sodai sebe Shottero Choron!! It means that Lord Sri Satyanarayan grants the material world’s desires to its devotees like child to one who wants child or wealth to one who desires wealth!! But now after that the message written bears a very very deep significant meaning!! Doyarthi sodai sebe shottero choron!!! Can you all understand this??? It means and refers to those disciples who don’t want the material desires and one who instead of these pray for the mercy & devotion of Lord Sri Satyanarayan means they are Doyarthi and they always want to serve the holy lotus feet of Truth means the Lord Sri Satyanarayan Himself!!! Those devotees only want pure devotion at the holy feet of Lord and thus sodai sebe shottero choron!! Like these there are various other stanzas also.. say for example another place it is written as Bishnushorma Bhishnupriya Shottonarayon, Bhokto Bhokti Bhogoban Tino Rupo Hon!! Here if all of you see carefully that each one of the names denotes the identity which have been mentioned in the next line as Bishnushorma represents the Bhakta means the devotee, Bishnupriya represents the Bhaktidevi herself means devotion and last but not the least Bhogoban means the Lord Sri Satyanarayan himself!! And all these three identities are actually same which have taken different forms to glorify the Lord!! The holy Panchali actually starts with the salutations in sanskrit for pleasing the Lord Sri Sri Satyanarayan!! Like Tadiyang Vastu Govinda Tubhameva Samarpaye, Grihananu Samukho Bhutva Prasida Purushottama which means that whatever is being offered to you has been actually given by only you as you are Lord & Owner of everything in this whole world and thus O Lord Purushottam or Govind please be happy on us and bless us!! The Panchali where on the one side glorify the importance of all the pilgrimage places of our country whether it is vrindavan, kashi, kamakhya, nabadwip etc. in the stanzas Kamakhare kori noti dhormorajo juta, or Gokule Govindo bondo gobordhonodhari or Nomro hoiya Nobodwipe bondibo Nimai or Golok probhuti bondo choturdosho puri etc. on the other side it also glorify the greatness of brahmins, saints, gurus, mohants, vaishnavs or goswamis, yogis both gyanyogis and karmyogis in the stanza Bhaisnobo Brahmon Joti Mohantero Gon, Jogi Nyasi Kormi Gyani Goswami Choron.. Similary it also sings the glories of the sacred rivers of our country like Ganga, Yamuna in the stanzas Gonga adi Tirthokhetre hoiya dondobot or Brindabono Jomuna di bihareo sthol.. The holy Panchali also says about the devotees of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu like Nityananda Prabhu, Birbhadra, Srirup Goswami Sri Advaita Acharya, Sri Gadadhar Pandit, Sribas Pandit & other devotees also etc. in the stanzas Pronomibo Nod Nodi Nodero Nimai, Birobhodro Nityanondo Sri Rup Gosai and Adoito Acharjo bondo Godadhor Pondit, Bondiya Sribas adi Bhoktogono Geet!! All these salutations and stanzas for glorifying the pilgrimage places, sacred rivers, gurus & saints or brahmins and last but not the least the devotees is a teaching or instruction given by our holy Sri Guru to always give them proper and due respect all your whole life and being a disciple of our Gurudev we must follow them instead of making fun or criticising them!! One more aspect I would like to bring all of you that most of the devotees of our beloved Gurudev were from undivided Bengal those days and which is why quite naturally there were devotees from the both the communities of Hindu and Muslim. Infact, it is said that Sri Sri Thakur’s very first disciple was a great muslim devotee named as Sadhu Cherag Ali with whom our Gurudev had established a relationship of Taloi called in east-bengal dialect which refers to a lovely family relationship!! Even today in bangladesh the descendants of Sadhu Cherag Ali are following the orders given by Sri Sri Thakur and are celebrating the Sri Satyanarayan festivals every year!! So, in the panchali also we find several references to the muslim community as Sri Satyanarayan has been referred to as Satya Pir for them.. Infact, the panchali starts with Shotto Shotto Shotto Pir, Sorbo Siddhi Data.. or Korano Ketabo Ar Koloma Sonhoti, Sufi Khan Pirero Paye Prochuro Pronoti.. or Joy Joy Shotto Pir Shonatono Dostogir etc.. Now in all these stanzas, Sri Sri Thakur has very beautifully glorified the greatness of Lord Sri Satyanarayan who is also Sri Satya Pir and other pious matters related with muslim religion.. But apart from this in the panchali He has very clearly mentioned that it is only He who has Himself advented as Lord Satyanarayan and also to save his disciples from the Hindu community from the atrocities done by the followers of muslim community who are misguided.. like Kolite Jobono Dusto, Hoindobi Korile Noshto, Dekhiya Rohim Hoila Ram! It is very clear here… Jobon word very obviously is being referred to the misguided followers of muslim community and Hoindobi refers to the followers of hindu one who had came as Rahim has now came as Ram to save the innocent hindus from the muslims and it has actually happened many times and even now it is happening!! One incident we had mentioned here earlier in this blog where how Sri Sri Thakur had saved one of his disciple at Bangladesh from getting killed through these same stanza of panchali!! He has also referred very clearly that this panchali has been written by Him only in the stanzas Grontho Sango Hoilo Birochilo Dwijo Ram, Shobe Hori Dhoni Koro Mojura Selam!! Here Dwijo means Brahmin and all of you know that our Gurudev was a Brahmin by caste..Grontho Sango Hoilo means the holy panchali has now been ended which has been narrated by Brahmin Ram (our Lord) and in the concluding note also He referred to both hindu and muslim communities as Hori Dhoni for Hindu and Mojura Selam for the muslims!! Jai Sri Ram!!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Lack of Sharanagati

Its been a long time since I wrote anything here. I would request all my Guru brothers and sisters to kindly visit the page dedicated to our holy Sri Gurudev in facebook wherein I am posting nowadays. Its in the name of Sri Guru Sri Ramchandra. But for the past few days I noticed something in the mindset of some so-called disciples. One side they would claim about saranagati or surrendering at the holy lotus feet of Guruji but on the other side would criticize about his decisions or actions!! What is this??? Those who dare to do all such acts or deeds doesn’t know anything about devotion at the holy feet of one’s Sri Guru or Guru Bhakti. If you don’t know anything about Guru bhakti then all your devotion for your Lord is futile or would just be waste no matter how big you are!! The first and foremost thing in spiritualism is devotion for Sri Guru and then comes your Ishta as Guru would only take you to your Lord and without which one can never reach out to his lord just like one’s mother can only tell who is his father!! Mother is the first Guru in a person’s life similarly in spiritual field also Sri Guru is the guide who guides the disciple how to proceed in his sadhana!! Sri Sri Ramthakur said that Nobody has the capacity or ability to criticize Sri Guru’s deeds!! He had also guided all to read Sri Guru-Gita to know more about this aspect! Sri Sri Thakur had many places while describing about Prarabdha or Destiny had given the example of Abhimanyu who was killed in the battlefield mercilessly and in a wrong way by the kauravas who was nephew of Lord Sri Krishna Himself and ofcourse son of Arjuna. The Lord was knowing everything beforehand what is going to happen but he didn’t intervened in the prarabha of Abhimanyu and tried to save him!! Some people say that it was a foolish act of Abhimanyu himself for which he had pay the heavy price by his own life which is just ridiculous & a peculiar explanation.. first of all a true khsatriya can never turn a back from a challenge or war even if he knows that he will loose the war and secondly the chakravyuh was planned by Dronacharya to capture Yudhisthir if that day had Abhimanyu didn’t gone inside the chakravyuh Yudhisthir would had to and once he had entered he would have been captured by Dronacharya and once captured the battle would have ended and the cause also for which pandavas were fighting it and moreover Abhimanyu had actually taken birth to die like that as it was his destiny only!! Then there was some another incident where a sadhu had to take birth of a dog due to his some previous birth’s karma and who was subsequently granted salvation by our holy Sri Gurudev but this very same so-called disciple had questioned about God’s and our Guruji’s act of punishing by making him a dog but he doesn’t understand one thing that God only grants salvation and it is our own deeds because which jiva had to roam in different species and births!!  But the biggest question is that what kind of devotion you have for your Lord?? Your devotion is so weak and wavering!!! I remember a story here which I had listened in childhood that once there were two devotees who were doing deep sadhana for Lord and once they had the opportunity to meet Devrishi Narad to whom they request for his divine blessings so that they can succeed in their devotions! Narad to check their devotion asked the first one separately that when once I had visited Vaikunt I saw to my wonder that Lord is passing through quite frequently a huge elephant from a tiny hole of a tiny needle to which that fellow shouted what?? What are you saying?? Are you mad?? Is it ever possible??? I am now quite sure that you had never ever seen or visited the holy Vaikunt Dham or seen our Lord which you boast everywhere!! Narad then went to the second devotee and narrated the same story to which that fellow started laughing and said O Devrishi! Why are you wondering on this?? I had not expected this from you atleast! There is nothing in this universe which my Lord cannot do!! When this whole universe has been created by Him then what is there which He cannot do?? So this is called firm devotion!! All Glory to Sri Naam and Holy Sri Guru!! Jai Ram!!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Misguidance in Facebook!!

Through this blog I would like to inform all the devotees and disciples of our holy Gurudev who are regular facebook users that in facebook there are some people who are under disguise of our Guruji’s devotees but are hell bent on promoting another saint’s ideas & thoughts under the image of our Guruji!!! Many of you may be visiting there and commenting, supporting them without reading or understanding their views which is very unfortunate.. That saint is called as Dadaji who had rejected Gurus, Saints, Temples, all sorts of idol worshipping, rituals, mantras & pilgrimage places etc. The result is that those who are his followers literally hate all sadhus, temples, gurus, idols etc. I remember long time back when a follower of Dadaji who was my friend in facebook and his beliefs were unknown to me commented negative about the Mohunt Maharajs of Sri Sri Kaivalyadham which the followers of our Gurudev can never ever imagine!! He said in Bengali Ke Mohanto Ar Ke Boshonto Amar tader niye kono dorkar neyi..Ami sudhu Thakur ke mani (who is mohant or who is basant I don’t care I know only Sri Thakur) ridiculing the Moharajs themselves! So this is what these followers have learnt from him!! But on the contrary our Guruji used to ask his devotees to visit temples or to worship some particular diety as and when He thought it was in their benefit!! All his whole life He roamed various pilgrimage places all over India whether it was in the Himalayas, Varanasi, Vrindavan, Baidyanath Dham, Rameshwaram or Puri Dham!! To glorify the Guru’s greatness Guruji always used to tell about His Sri Guru’s greatness to all His disciples through various stories!! He had himself prostrated on the ground in sashtang on the feet of a person in front of all his disciples whom He regarded as his another Guru as because of him Guruji in his childhood days was able to hear the Omkar Naad in a particular type of Kite (Dhaus Ghoori in bengali) which this fellow used to flew!! Another incident I remember where a very young fellow who belonged to the family of Guruji’s Kula Guru (Family Spiritual Master) had happened to visit our holy Gurudev at Feni, Bangladesh at somebody’s house and on seeing him Guruji immediately got up from His bed and prostrated on his feet, joined His hands in namaskar mudra and asked about his whereabouts and offered His own bed and before that Guruji immediately changed the bedsheet of His bed with His own hands… Sri Sri Thakur immediately ran inside the house and requested the houseowner’s wife to give something eatable which has not been made Prasad by Guruji himself..after the house lady gave some fruits and sweets and prepared to offer it to that young fellow Guruji insisted that No Mother! Here I myself have to do this job!! That young fellow was totally dumb struck and could not utter anything with fear and embarrassment!! Guruji joined his hands and requested him to accept those eatables..Somehow that fellow ate those…Guruji pleaded that why did he himself came here instead he would have informed Guruji and Gurudev would have himself visited him!! Gurudev also borrowed some money from his disciples and paid that fellow’s conveyance!!  This is called service at the feet of one’s Sri Guru!! All the Gurus before whom our Gurudev prostrated were HUMANS ONLY!!!

The Sikhs have ten Gurus who were humans only who were great spiritual masters and leaders who advented for the upliftment of human beings!! It is said that Guru is more necessary than a friend, a son, a husband, or a wife; more necessary than wealth, machines, factories, art, or music. What more can I say? The Guru is more necessary than health and prana itself. By this grace alone, the inner Shakti is unfolded. The glory of the Guru is full of mystery and is supremely divine. He gives a new birth to a man, he gives him the experience of knowledge, he shows him sadhana and makes him a lover of God. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s six Goswami’s were also HUMANS only who had several disciples and who attained God!! 
If our Guruji didn't came in a  Human Form then why did He had biological parents????? why people are celebrating His Birth Festival every year??? Why they are celebrating his Disppearance day?? Why His birthplace is a pilgrimage for all of us??? Why Sri Krishna Jayanti or the Janmasthami or Sri Ram Navami is being celebrated every year in a big scale all over the world???

Without understanding the real meaning of Advaitism or realizing the Almighty through advaita one should not boast its ideas in a public forum and misguide them!!! It is like those who don’t anything about A B C D you are teaching them about PhD degree!! A common average man will have to go to temples and worship his beloved diety under the guidance of his spiritual master..He must have a Guru who will bestow upon his divine grace and give Sri Naam which the common man would chant and slowly and slowly step by step he would be able to understand about advaitism, dvaitism or vishishta advaitism and then it is upto him what path he wants to select just like after passing out Higher Secondary exam people choose from various streams to study further!!
Banishing all temples from all over the world is also a great blasphemy!! The places where the Lord had himself advented and the place which had the previlege to touch his divine and pious feet can never ever be neglected by the devotees and the sadhakas!!  May the holy lord bless you all!! Jai Sri Ram!! 

Friday, 29 August 2014

News for Facebook Users!!!

With immense happiness I would like to inform all my Guru brothers & sisters who are regular Facebook users that by the holy mercy of Doyal Sri Sri Ramthakur a new page in the name of Sri Guru Sri Ramchandra has been opened!! I request all my friends to help me make this a place of worshipping our Lord & Guru where we will sing only His glories!! If any of my friends have any advise kindly do share!! I hope that like all of you have visited this blog so many times please visit the page also and share your experiences with us there about our holy Sri Gurudev!! May the almighty Lord bless u all!!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Sri Ramthakur is Lord Sri Satyanarayan

I am really amazed that how dare these followers of dadaji can explain about Sri Sri Satyanarayan & His holy portrait about whom till date after Sri Sri Thakur has left His divine body none of His devotees have been empowered or dared to say anything about it!!!  They are really nuts I must say… they said that Sri Satyanarayan is the symbol of Truth (they only prefer to address our Guruji as Truth) but this is completely nonsense!! Infact He is not any symbol.. what do they mean by Symbol?? Is he representing somebody?? He is the Truth Himself and yes He is not any person infact He is the Lord of unlimit universe Sri Sri Satyanarayan Himself!! Using the portrait they are talking like the Advaitis and believer of Formless Brahm who is even unexpressionable and unthinkable, beyond any type of descriptions whom they are trying to describe.. Firstly, the God or the Guru whose photo they are using to advertise their beliefs among the devotees of Sri Sri Ramthakur, He Himself never ever advocated such ideas among the common average man or the common householder.. rather He wanted to become their family member & their family God.. Secondly if it is so important to spread among the people about the devotion of Nirakar Sadhana then why they are using the picture of Sri Satyanarayan??  Again it is showing Dwaitism!! One side u r saying it is free from subjectivity and the other side u urself are using his photo as a subject??? Why??? Isn’t it is contradictory??  And moreover, in Gita also Lord Sri Krishna recommended Sakar sadhana in comparison to Nirakar so as our holy Gurudev also reconfirmed it again and again which also nullify their argument that teachings given by an avatar in a certain Yuga may not be relevant in another Yuga or period just like Srimad Bhagvad Gita is even relevant today!! So many stories are there in the numerous books & biographies of the closest disciples of Gurudev about Lord Sri Sri Satyanarayan, so many experiences are there narrated by them which is completely unknown to these followers of dadaji and actually they are not bothered also to know.. It is said that even to have such a urge to know about Him itself needs  good virtues of previous births..

Long time before the introduction of the portrait of Sri Satyanarayan, Sri Sri Thakur introduced to all his disciples the Holy portrait of Lord Sri Sri Kaivalyanathji which indirectly means the Lord Sri Sri Krishna Himself (Ref. Srimad Bhagvatham).. Kaivalyanath is one who gives Mukti or Salvation (Kaivalya) and only He none else is empowered to do so.. Not even their Dadaji… This is an eternal Truth.. While introducing this portrait, Guruji  always used to insist to devotees to not to ask for anything from Sri Kaivalyanath except mukti as desires are reasons of bondage of endless births and Sri Kaivalyanath on His own fulfils the requirement of His devotees if it is in their benefit.. but still the devotees doesn’t used to listen to this advice and would ask several things from Lord Sri Kaivalyanathji and then Guruji introduced the rituals  and practices for worshipping Lord Sri Sri Satyanarayan which could be done in the portrait of Sri Kaivalyanathji itself.. among which there was like the offering of Shinni (a mixture of raw milk, bananas and semolina or rice powder) to be offered to the diety which is according to Gurudev is actually offering of one’s devotion and request for grant of boons or their desires to be fulfilled by Him.. Guruji had also written a small book of salutations which sings the glories of Lord Sri Satyanarayan in a poetic form (known as Sri Satyanarayan Panchali) and instructed all to read it before the diety while performing the puja with full devotion!! In that holy book Sri Satyanarayan is being referred to Sri Satya Pir!! Infact it starts wth the stanzas as Satya Satya Satya Pir Sarva Siddhi Data….here Satya Pir also refers to the devotees from the muslim community as our Gurudev was being worshipped by both the communities in undivided India those days!! Before all these there has been several incidents where our Guruji had already worshipped His own portrait of Sri Kaivalyanath for worshipping all sorts of Gods and Demigods .. like Shiva, Durga, Kali, Jagadhatri etc.. He even said that on his portrait of Sri Kaivalyanath 33 crores Demigods can be all of them have come from him only…the Lord Govinda.. so technically all the disciples of Guruji were already knowing this eternal truth that on the portrait of Lord Sri Sri Kaivalyanathji all the Gods and Demigods can be worshipped and so the worshipping of Lord Sri Sri Satyanarayan was one of them…  that is why even today in all the Ashrams all over the world except the Kolkata Ashram at Jadavpur Sri Sri Satyanarayan is being worshipped on the portrait of Sri Sri Kaivalyanathji itself !! later one day the all merciful Sri Sri Thakur introduced this another portrait of Himself as Sri Satyanarayan and told everybody that since you all are habitual of asking various things from Sri Kaivalyanth so I have introduced this another portrait of Sri Satyanarayan.. He is one who will fulfil all your worldly desires of this material world..whether it is to be cured of incurable diseases, acute poverty, jobs, wealth or other desires..  

There have been numerous incidents where Sri Sri Ramthakur has indicated clearly the portrait of both Sri Kaivalyanath and Sri Satyanarayan are none but HIM AND ONLY AND ONLY HIM!! One of them I just remember when during the time of 2nd  World War one of his closest disciple Sri Tulsidas Gangulyji was asked by Him to perform the Satyanaryan Puja on the portrait of Sri Kaivalyanathji and after the puja was over Ganguly ji entered the room where Sri Sri Thakur was sitting with an intention of worshipping Sri Sri Ramthakur in PERSON as Sri Sri Satyanarayan with all the puja items as perfumed flowers, tulsi (basil leaves), sandalwood paste, lighted lamps etc.. He saw Gurudev was not moving, sitting still like a portrait and divine light was emanating from his divine body, the room was filled with divine fragrance.. when Gangulyji offered his respects with flowers and tulsi leaves at his holy feet .. Guruji said in a loud voice I AM ONLY SATYANARAYAN!! I AM ONLY SATYANARAYAN!! DON’T WORRY AT ALL!! EVEN IF HUNDREDS OF WEAPONS ARE HURLED AT YOU THEY CAN DO NO HARM TO YOU!!  Many times when devotees who are unaware where to offer the Tulsi leaves Gurudev immediately used to show His Holy feet and instructed them to offer there only..  A lady on her deathbed taking her last breath desired to have darshan of Sri Sri Ramthakur which Guruji fulfilled and stood near her and said in a loud voice OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE THAT LORD SRI HARI (LORD SRI KRISHNA) IS HIMSELF STANDING HERE!! He said it 3 times.. the lady opened her eyes, saw Him and left her breath.. like this many many incidents have been recorded by the devotees from all over the globe… even after Sri Sri Thakur left His body this has been continuing what these followers can never ever understand or imagine with their brains of following the concept of Formless Brahm..At the Kolkata Ashram Jadavpur such an incident happened and coincidentally only this Ashram is worshipping this holy portrait of Sri Sri Satyanarayan which can be a befitting answer to the followers of Dadaji!! A close disciple of Sri Sri Thakur used to regularly visit the Ashram at Kolkata and like this one day when he reached the diety to offer his salutations chanting the Sri Naam given by Holy Gurudev Himself to this disciple, to his wonder he saw that the portrait of Sri Satynarayan is not there and in that place THE FOUR HANDED NARAYAN WITH CONCH SHELL, CHAKRA, LOTUS AND GADA IS STANDING THERE!!! Seeing this divine darshan he immediately prostated before the deity with full devotion and when he again got up he saw that holy figure has vanished and in that place he saw Sri Sri Ramthakur is Himself sitting there (here he mentioned exactly like a picture of Gurudev given in Vedvani, a holy book of teachings of Sri Sri Ramthakur), again he closed his eyes and offer his respects and when he opened his eyes he saw the original portrait of Sri Sri Satyanarayan!! He understood clearly that Gurudev wanted to convey Him that He is everything and He is only Sri Satyanarayan!! This very same devotee again another day in the evening during some utsav had visited the Ashram when the portrait of Sri Satyanarayan was being kept near the holy tree of Tulsi and devotees were singing harinam sankirtan.. when the kirtan was over everybody were paying their respects.. this disciple waited for his turn and when he prostrated before it to his astonishment he saw a 6 to 7 hooded big snake of green colour which had spread its hood on the top of the portrait of Sri Satyanarayan.. it happened within a fraction of seconds and then that snake mixed into the tulsi tree.. he didn’t told anybody this experience of him but later on he brought this in his book..

It is true that He is not any person but this is also true that He is Lord Himself… those who believe in formless devotion or advaitism are free to follow it but they can’t impose it on others under the disguise being a devotee of Sri Sri Ramthakur.. because if you are using His portrait of Sri Satyanarayan then you will have to follow His guidelines also not your Dadaji’s… Sri Ramkrishna used to say follow any path but then don’t say that only yours is correct!! when people from India themselves were not knowing properly about Him as He always liked to hide Himself, His mysterious powers or that He is God Himself..then it is quite obvious that people from western countries may not know Him but when some fools who know everything about Gurudev and are initiated also and taken Sri Naam, when they talk all these nonsense without realizing that this will confuse the common man who are ardent devotees of Guruji from generation to generation they are going against the instructions of Gurudev Himself.. When u can’t even follow the minimum instructions given by you Guru what Guru bhakti you have?? And when you don’t have Guru bhakti how can you claim to realize God through any of ur desired paths?? Mantra Moolam Gurum Vakyam..Does ur Guru have given any such kind of orders to u?? Ur minds are restless.. a wavering mind.. a pond’s ground under the water can be seen clearly if the water is still but if the water is always having continuous waves it can’t be seen.. here the ground denotes the God himself.. how can a restless mind achieve God?? Sometimes u r under the influence of sathya sai, some times dadaji.. today u r under his spell tomorrow u will be under somebody else's spell..  Ur all merciful Guru gave u the easiest way to realize peace, easiest way to attain God by following ur destiny, doing all ur duties, always remembering the mercy of Lord by chanting the Sri Naam!! But u have now found new God and new Guru and are busy in spreading his teachings..that is fine but why under the name of Sri Sri Ramthakur who never advocated these teachings!! Recently I came across a devotee who was worshipping Lord Sri Kaivalyanath since his childhood days and who by chance got to read the book Look Within and became totally confused... he was having sleepless nights and became mentally disturbed.. he contacted me somehow and clarified all his doubts and get rid of that book.. now he has regained his mental peace.. so this is what these followers of dadaji are doing either knowingly or unknowingly!! I can only pray to Lord Sri Satyanarayan to guide them and show them the correct path!! Jai Sri Satyanarayan!! Jai Ram!!